The Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation has set the goal of fundraising for 100 of the over 225 smart pumps needed for Ajax Pickering Hospital. 

All the pumps must be replaced at the same time throughout the whole hospital. This is the best practice so that all the staff are trained on ‐ and using ‐ the exact same piece of equipment. This strategy means that no matter where they are working in the hospital or if they work in
multiple departments (emergency, surgery, medicine and pharmacology etc.), and no matter what kind of patient they are caring for or if the patients themselves have move to different departments (with their IV pump), every staff member is fully knowledgeable on this vital tool.

Each pump is $5,000.


SMART PUMPS are a high priority for Lakeridge Health and Ajax Pickering Hospital for 2018-2019.

With a smart pump at the bedside, it’s like the patient has, right there, their own personal virtual pharmacist who knows the safe dosing for the medications they are taking.

Attached to an IV pole, the smart pumps are uploaded with the most up‐to‐date drug library and medication parameters, essentially transforming them into mini computers. This means that when the pump is programmed with the patient’s medication and dosage, it will immediately alert the medical team if ‐ unintentionally ‐ the amount has been set to too little or too much.


Plus, as the smart pumps are Wi‐Fi‐enabled, any updates to the drug library can be made immediately and simultaneously to every single pump in the hospital, without having to remove them from the floor to be manually re‐programmed.

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Let's celebrate the donors who are helping us reach our goal of 100 smart pumps for Ajax Pickering Hospital. 

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The Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation strives to help save lives, restore health and provide compassionate care by raising funds that directly benefit patients at Ajax Pickering Hospital.


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