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2 North Patio at Ajax Pickering Hospital

In 2015, thanks to the support of some generous donors, the newly renovated & expanded patio off of the 2 North wing was completed.

Our constant hope is that the space is an aid in recovery as well as a colourful place to escape the confines of the hospital, being just steps away from patients rooms.  All patients, visitors, volunteers & staff are welcome to spend time on the patio.

The patio has thoughtful design elements that complement our senses:

  • sight: the beautiful colours of the flowers

  • smell: the different aromas from the flowers

  • sound: the whispers of the tall plants as they move in the wind

  • touch: the assortment of plants that can be touched

The planters contain an assortment of annual plants, while the two beds are comprised of perennials that will provide colour from spring to fall.


If you are interested in joining our volunteer team to help water & maintain the patio throughout the season, please contact us at

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