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click on the image below to view the Christmas Wishbook as a flipbook

Click here to make a donation for something you have found in the Christmas Wishbook.

Thanks to some amazing donors & sponsors, the following activities are already funded:
One-of-a-Kind Holiday Scene in the Ajax Pickering Hospital cafeteria (page 6)

                            Jacquelynn Tanner, realtor

  • Floor or Wing Holiday Display at Lakeridge Gardens (page 23)
                                        Julie Goldstein

  • Spreading the Joy Holiday Display in Ajax Pickering Hospital (page 8)
                                          Dr. Joel Lobo

                                            V!VA, Pickering​

  • Backpacks for Mental Health (page 20)

Ajax Pickering Raiders U9 MD2 Hockey Team

Ajax Pickering Raiders U12 A Hockey Team

  • Wonderful Outdoor Display (page 10)

Glenn McFarland & Family

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