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One of our core values at Rouge Valley Health System is being accountable for our resources, our services and our behaviour. In alignment with our hospital's values, we want to make information available to you as proactively and easily as possible.

I am not looking for hospital information, I would like to get records of personal health information.

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Requesting information

You may use the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) to access information about your community hospital. Better yet, you may also contact us directly at any time for any information you seek, free of charge at

You have the right to make a request for access to a range of recorded information held by our hospital, including records of personal information, that came into the custody or under the control of our hospital going back to Jan. 1, 2007. Access to your own personal health records or personal health information, however, will continue to be governed by the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Questions? Please read FAQs on FIPPA and information requests.

Informal request

We want to make accessing information about the hospital as easy as possible. Our website is growing to meet the demands of the information requests that we are anticipating. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our public website, please contact us to request the information. If we can simply point you to the right place on our website where that information is available, we will.

Contact us at

Formal request

You may also make a formal FIPPA request. We will process your request and make information available to you in an expedient and reasonable amount of time, in accordance with FIPPA. To make a FIPPA request, please complete and submit a request form. Please note that there is a $5 application fee for each request. Additional fees may apply relevant to the cost of research, gathering and sending the information requested.

Download Rouge Valley's FIPPA request form.

There are two ways to submit the request form:

  • Submit by email – You can fill out and save the form electronically. Then submit the form by attaching it in an email and sending it to

  • Submit by postal mail – If you would prefer to print the form and fill it out by hand, please mail it to: Rouge Valley Health System, FIPPA Request Form, 2867 Ellesmere Road, Toronto, ON M1E 4B9.


Frequently requested information

  • Hospital performance and quality indicators (including infection rates)

  • Key facts and figures

  • Personal Business Commitments: Every year, the management team sets their personal business commitments (PBCs) that outline how they will achieve the goals put forth in Rouge Valley's Quality Improvement Plan and the three-year Strategic Plan-On-A-Page. The PBCs of the Chief Executive Officer set the direction for the rest of the management team, including vice-presidents and directors.

  • Read President & CEO Rik Ganderton's blog on tying the 2011–12 PBCs to quality improvement

  • Download the RVHS Executive 2011–12 Personal Business Commitments. The PBCs have been captured in an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, in which a set of commitments have been established for Rouge Valley's four strategic dimensions — 1) Access to Care, 2) Service Excellence, 3) Team Engagement and 4) Fiscal Responsibility. These commitments are first defined by a specific measurement and its performance target, and secondly defined by an overall corporate weighting that indicates the relative priority of the commitment. The commitments with the highest weightings will receive the greatest focus. The senior team members have each made personal commitments to the corporate commitments by giving their own weightings, which reflect how focused they will be on each commitment within their portfolios.

  • Public disclosures
  • Public presentations
  • "Sunshine List": The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year. View the list of RVHS employees who have appeared on the government's Sunshine List since 2007